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Silver Bullet Cloud Unicorn Stories

Or: Lessons Learned from Using Node.js in Production

Jaakko Salonen (@jsalonen)


Needed to make a single-page web app

Web apps are hard, so let's be smart this time:

Step 1: Use node.js

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Step 2: Put it in the cloud

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Step 3: profit?
9 months later...

The Lessons

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Lesson #1: Packages define your node experience


Lesson #2: Don't expect everything to be polished

            "dependencies": {
                "express": "2.5.10",
                "jade": ">= 0.27.2",
                "mongoose": "~2.7.4"

Lesson #3: JavaScript is (still) tricky

Lesson #4: Embrace async

            ], function() {
                // done
Lesson #5: Deployment is disturbing

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Luckily, you can make most of this work for your advantage

Traditionally, you have a monolithic web server with all its intricasies

With node you split your system into small apps that breathe the internet:



Jaakko Salonen (@jsalonen)

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